Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SDRP Mtb Patrol

"Back when I was a volunteer for the San Dieguito River Park around 1995 I used to enjoy being able to help out the Ranger staff by doing a mountain bike patrol in the park. I have always been an avid rider and to be able to do my weekly ride and assist and educate the public was a perfect scenario.  There were only a handful of us back then and the mountain bike community was fairly small. The park and its trail system has grown and I am now a Senior Ranger. The mountain biking community has also grown tenfold since that time and the mountain bike has become the primary way people access the trails. I want to reconnect that ever growing community back into the park.

I am pleased and excited to announce the reformation of the San Dieguito River Park Mountain Bike Patrol coming this summer. My goal is to involve the bike community on all levels.  We are partnering with local bike companies and shops to bring our patrollers up to date bike specific gear and mechanical knowledge. We will also be working with the International Mountain Bike Association as a National Mountain Bike Patrol affiliate. This will enable our patrollers not only to patrol in the SDRP but other parks. If you are a dedicated mountain biker and want to help out your fellow bikers and your local park this might just be your calling."
Andy with the jersey proof.

That's how it will officially read in the River Parks next edition of the Riverscape. All I can say is it has been a long work in progress and way overdue. 

I want to start by thanking all the sponsors of this program that without hesitation stepped up and donated and were happy to do so. 

Thank you to Erik Dekold and Andy Jasper from Canari for working with me to design some really good looking jerseys. Almost four years ago I met Erik at Stone brewery for a Belgium beer class. It was his birthday and inevitably the quads got to me but I do remember the conversation we had about wanting to do jerseys for a bike patrol I was hoping to establish. I did loose his card right afterwards but managed to meet and become good friends later on. It only took four years.

Big thanks to all the people in the Ranchos Cycling Club these guys and gals have been working together with the park for a couple of years now. Not only have they held great events but they have gone out of there way to donate both money and time. I have have done some great trail maintenance work with this group and can't thank them enough for championing the park the way they do.

Thanks to Kurt Gensheimer and Joe Hendig at Carbon Frame Repair for all there help and support. Kurt has helped put on some great events as well. His knowledge and understanding of the mountain bike community has been a invaluable and he's always up for trail maintenance. Unless he sleeps in. 

Thank you to the guys at Sock Guy, Ben Dieduardo, Jason Fackler and Ken DeCesari. Wonderful guys to know and ride with. Someday I'll talk them into making the Ranger Dave sock, but I'm not gonna push my luck. I appreciate the support and so do my feet. 

As far as local bike shops go the guys at North of the Border bike shop can't be beat. The first time I met them I was going to pick up a race packet for a local race. As soon as I stepped in the door both Doug Wolkon and  Micheal Crowell were very welcoming and offered me a cool refreshing beverage while I waited. They are both very good at what they do and like the park know how to survive on a tight budget. I will be working with them on holding some bike clinics for our patrollers as well as addressing any maintenance issues they might have.

Since no patrol can make it too far without lube on the chain I want to thank Gnar Lube for their donation and supplying the lube so that the everything runs smoothly.

I know I've said that I have been trying to put this together for awhile now but I have been blown away by the immediate response and help form the within the mountain bike community. A positive step in the right direction for both parks and the community. This program is also very unique in two ways, it is Ranger led and supported, so expect to see me on the trails with you and it is 100% funded by the local mountain bike community. Every last penny I get form you will go directly into this program.  I look forward to working, riding and patrolling with all of you. 

Stay tuned for more info on the SDRPMP and what you can do to join. 

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